Provocative and engaging. Infusion art for brands, publications, and people.


Gianna Veno

Painted brilliantly with oils and acrylics infused with molding paste, sand and gel to bring the canvas to life in 3D. Gia, as she’s known by her friends, believes that her art is an adventure for your senses that represents her passion for life and her infectious energy for creating. She pours that passion and enthusiasm into each of her pieces and wants her fans to share in that energy whenever they experience her work. Gia’s style is influenced by her love for world travel and as a student of art, her techniques draw on past masters ranging from Monet, Picasso to Warhol and Van Gogh. 

Gia’s projects aren’t just limited to canvases, however she has expanded her creative endeavors to begin infusing select real-world items with her signature style. To date, Gia has created totally unique, one of a kind, wearable artwork on mediums such as skis, purses and shoes. She is currently collaborating with other artists and photographers on infusion projects.

Gia’s work has been showcased across the United States with a notable feature at Art Basel Miami. Gia plans to take her work internationally to share her world with the rest of the world